Transformation Equals Passion

Our lives have been transformed by God’s forgiveness, giving us a passion to reach the ends of the earth with the same message.

Rachael and Dan have always been interested in aviation. Rachael committed to serve God through missionary aviation at a Christian camp when she was 17. For Dan, the commitment came at the age of 12 as a result of a missions trip to Mexico and an introductory flight in a small airplane. God brought them together 20 years ago while they were both studying missionary aviation. They married and had their first child before graduating in 2007.

Their family continued to grow as they moved to Ohio where Dan gained experience as an aircraft mechanic and inspector over the next 5 years. They joined ABWE in 2009 and began building a partnership team. Their missions pastor encouraged them to pray and seek God for a mission statement that would guide their ministry. God lead them to a simple statement. “Taking the Gospel faster and farther through aviation, maintenance and hospitality ministries.”

In 2012 they moved to France for language study in preparation for serving in Togo, West Africa. However, Dan was diagnosed with Lymphoma in August 2013 and they moved back to Ohio while he received treatment. God did an amazing work in Dan’s body and he has been in complete remission since January of 2014. After a few months for recovery they both attended advanced flight and maintenance training at JAARS before packing their bags for Togo.

They arrived in Togo, West Africa after Christmas in 2014. Unfortunately, the aircraft that ABWE had in country could not be made airworthy without major repairs. The aircraft was disassembled and shipped to JAARS in Waxhaw, NC where Dan would work for the next two years to rebuild it. During this time they felt God’s direction to serve with JAARS in Cameroon, West Africa. When the aircraft restoration was complete, they moved to Cameroon in the summer of 2017.

After serving in Cameroon as Pilot/Mechanics for 18 months, the Stoners returned to the U.S. to update their partnership team. They had been on the move for the past 7 years! During the time in the U.S. the demand for pilots in the Cameroon program diminished and the needs at the JAARS home base increased. Dan and Rachael responded by stepping into their roles as Repair Station Training Manager and Aviation Engagement Manager.

They continue to live out their original mission statement by taking the Gospel faster and farther through aviation, maintenance and hospitality ministries.

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