May 18, 2017
5,280 Feet of Packing Tape
We praise the Lord for the progress he has allowed us to make during our time in Togo thus far! This morning, Dan is at a government office getting another document prepared for our container to pass through customs. When he returns, we'll finish staging all of the boxes and furniture to make loading the container easier.
April 28, 2017
Fire Trucks by the Runway
I proceeded to check the panel for any obvious reasons that would be the cause for only one landing gear indicator light to be unlit. "I didn't do anything, what do you mean?" my examiner replied. After about 10 more seconds, we were well beyond where we needed to turn toward the runway for our landing. I called the tower and explained the problem. We circled southwest of the runway for a couple of turns and then did a low fly-by for the tower and another aircraft holding short of the threshold to take a look at our Piper Arrow's gear. Both observations indicated that both landing gear appeared to be fully down, but my cockpit indications were consistent with my left gear not being down and locked.
March 22, 2017
Life at 140 mph and One Step at a Time
The scattered rain showers ahead did not look promising, but there was a patient on board in need of medical care at the Mbingo Baptist Hospital in Northwestern Cameroon. Sitting beside the pilot, the patient's wife bowed her head in prayer. Missionary pilots are trained to evaluate and make decisions in these types of situations while cruising at 140 mph.
January 22, 2017
Journaling, ICC and Isaac
Journaling. There are many different reasons that one might keep a journal. My step-mom writes in her journal every single night. She records the highlights of the day and reads back through what happened in years past. I know that when it's time to write my autobiography, I can use her journal as a primary source for date accuracy!
January 2, 2017
Wycliffe Transition Information
As we move into our new roles as pilot/mechanics with Wycliffe's aviation ministry in Cameroon, our need for partners remains the same. Would you please consider transferring your partnership from ABWE to Wycliffe?
December 21, 2016
With Christmas music playing, the lights strung around the living room kid-style, and cookie crumbs everywhere, my thoughts turn to the manger. "Because of Christ" coming to this earth, descending from Heaven as an innocent, sweet baby, I "can now come boldly and confidently into God's presence." Boldly... before Jesus who lived a sinless life knowing that I couldn't. Confidently... before God, who died in my place. "Because of Christ" and his resurrection from the dead thirty-three years after that first Christmas, I can approach my Heavenly Father, coming into his presence. And it is the presence of God that gives me joy. Deep joy at Christmastime.